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        发布于:2020年08月13日 14:59   |   作者:   |   浏览次数:

        Post Doctoral Work Arrangement During the Holiday

        1、 Entry and exit procedures

        1). If the materials are submitted to the Post Doctoral Management Office before the holiday, the Office will complete the  procedures in the vacaion (generally 2-3 weeks after receiving the materials)

        2). In principle, no new materials will be accepted during the holiday. In case of special circumstances, you can contact the HR of your school to submit the materials, which will be handled by the Post Doctoral Management Office .

        2、 Check in procedures

        1). During the holiday, you can go to the duty room of the Human Resources Department (Main Building B2-505 of Qingshuihe campus) to pre-register, and fill in the personal relevant information on the "list of post doctoral pre-register during the holiday". The time of salary payment shall be subject to the pre-register time.

        2). After the holiday, according to the check-in process, turn in the registration form with signed and sealed by schools to the Post Doctoral Management Office (Main Building B2-521 of Qingshuihe campus), and then go to the Personnel and Labor Office (Main Building B2-518 of Qingshuihe campus) to find teacher Yan for formal registration procedures.

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